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The Organizing Committee of the international online symposium “(Critical) Blindness Studies: Current Debates and Future Directions” (June 30, July 1, 4 and 5, 2022) invites doctoral and post-doctoral students (with or without institutional status and affiliation) who are working on blindness in the humanities and social sciences to submit a proposal to participate. Submissions are due before March 1st.

The languages of the conference are: French, English, LSF and LSI (the latter only in part). Simultaneous translation from one language to another is planned.

Concerning the organisation of the conference: Its aim is to take stock of the field and to envisage the main lines of the future of Blindness Studies, but also to make the field better known to the general public. For this reason, only 5 minutes of speaking time will be made available to speakers, who will share a summary of some of their research (goals, methods and results). They will then participate in a roundtable discussion with other participants and with the public, that discussion to be structured around the questions shared in the description of our event. The answers to these questions will form the basis of a “Blindness Studies Manifesto,” which will be written collectively after the event. It is therefore important that participants attend the entire event.

Prior to the event (by 30 April), speakers will submit a text (doc or docx format) which can be either :

1) An article, representative of the speaker’s work, that has already been written and/or published (if applicable, a version prior to the published version should be posted on the website for copyright reasons).


2) A text (of the average length of an article) written for the occasion, which develops what will be presented orally during your round table, i.e. the summary presentation of the speaker’s research.

This text will be made available to all participants (speakers and audience) via the event website. Finally, the entire event will be recorded and put online in the different languages indicated.

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